Friday, October 10, 2008

There he GOES......

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Two years ago for Hunters 4th Birthday we bought him a motorcycle. That night he had a great time riding it around the neighborhood, but since then it hasn't been touched.

A couple of weeks ago Hunter asked if he could ride his motorcycle.

I'm suprised we could even find it with all the dust and dirt that has settled on top of it the last 2 1/2 years, but we DID!

When we pulled it out we noticed a flat and of course didn't have a pump to fix it. "Isn't that the way it goes". We ended up going up stairs and forgetting about it.

Well, tonight Jason decided to take them to Wal Mart to get a pump so we could fix it.

He fixed the flat and Hunter jumped on.

He rode up and down the street taking it very slow.

Only giving it a couple tries, he was done and ready to go inside.

We told him to keep trying and that it will get easier.

As he got more comfortable, he decided to go around the block..

...still taking it very slowly.

When he came around the corner we boosted his confidence by cheering him on.


Hunter had to show off.

Making his time around the block faster and faster each time saying I'll go again.

At one point I thought he was going to crash into the neighbors garage..

..sure enough he pulled it off..

Good Job Hunter!!!

Never give up!

Hopefully his motorcycle will get a little more use from now on....