Thursday, July 24, 2008

Airbrush Spray Tans

I know this probably looks really bad, but its not. I thought that doing a post showing some examples of how my spray tans turn out, might get me some more business.

For all of you that don't know, I do custom airbrush spray tans. I charge 15.00 the first time and 20.00 after that.

The advantages of a Spray Tan:
-No harmful rays
-Beautiful color in 20 minutes
-Variety of shades
-Personal 1 on 1 consulting
-Lasts between 7 to 10 days
-Spray tan parties available (host gets free tan)
-Refer 5 friends, get your tan free
-No tan lines if preffered

Call me at 256-2623 to schedule an appointment.

My Six Year Old

So this morning as I'm taking my kids to April's house, Hunter says " my brain is really smart, huh Mom", I said " yes it is". He then proceeds to tell me that its because he hears all these people talking and thats what makes it smart. I say to him, "but sometimes you don't hear me talking " he comes back with " sometimes my brain sucks in and sometimes it blow's out." Well, I figured out why Hunter doesn't hear me most of the time.... His brain is blowing out (everything I am saying)!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What should I make for Dinner?

Do any of you Mom's find asking yourself, "What should I make for Dinner?" Well, I Do and then I just end up making up a batch of Spaghetti. Not that its bad, but it would be nice to change it up a bit. If you have any great easy recipes feel free to share, my Husband would greatly appreciate it!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lake Powell Trip July 2008

For the past three years we have spent our fourth of July at Lake Powell on the Ol' My Darlin soon to be named Who's Your Daddy. (I think that name fits our family a little better.) You know you need a name change when little teenagers are singing the song "Ol' My Darlin" and laughing when you pass by. Its worth it though.

The trip didn't start off too well. We were following Ryan and Megan going 78 in a 55 Construction Zone and got pulled over. We thought that the cop would just give us a warning, but NO his slapped us both with a $232.00 ticket.

The rest of the trip went great, just as planned. Until Tuesday night when Ryan went into the Marina to get the Hickman Family and practically sunk the boat. Not his Fault! I guess when the waves started towering over and filling the boat people decided it was time to JUMP. So in the water they went. They had to find the closest island and sit their until he could come back for them. They said it could have been a scene from Gilligan's Island. I wish I could have seen it!

This was Hudson's first year out to the Lake. He loved it. He spent a lot of time hanging out with his cousin Colt in the baby pool with their Bumbo's. We call them Bumbo Buddies.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

This is the Newest Edition to our Family. He arrived January 27, 2008. After already having two other boys, I have to admit that I was expecting and wanting a little girl, but I got Hudson instead. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He has these BIG Blue Eyes, Chubby Cheeks, and the cutest little button nose. Now, when I look at him I can't imagine I wanted it any other way. No girl could ever replace him, not even Stella (thats the name I had picked out for a girl.)

All I have to say is I'm so glad He's Mine.....

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