Friday, September 5, 2008


My little Rock Star! Isn't he Cute!
Oh Hudson, I just want to tell you that I am so glad you are a part of our family. We all feel so lucky to have you in our lives. You have this sweet little spirit that melts our HEARTS. You have us all wrapped around your little finger. We love You!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, today was Kian's first day of preschool.. I can't believe I'm sending another one off.. Before I know it I'm not going to have any more at home..
..That makes me sad!!!

He couldn't wait to be able to put his Batman "packcak" (backpack) to use. For the past week he has been asking me when he gets to go to preschool. I would tell him 5 more days, 4 more days, 3 more days, and then when it got to 2 more days he said "Ok, two more sleeps."

Kian, I hope you Have Fun and meet lots of new friends. I love You!!

Oh, and
...Remember to protect Ava...

Monday, September 1, 2008


When I'm at home I have the hardest time spending quality time with my husband and kids. The laundry, dishes, work and everything else consumes most of my day and then I feel bad that I didn't sit down and spend time with them.

This weekend I didn't have to feel bad.

We decided to go to the Antimony Cabin for Labor Day weekend and I went with full intentions to make the best of every day...

...and I did!

Friday night we slept in a tent on the lawn..

Saturday morning Jason took Hunter and Kian fishing and I took Hudson with my dad, mom, Nick and Diane to Fish Lake. We rented a boat and rode around. It is so Beautiful there. My dad shared memories that he had of my Grandpa Bob at this lake and we made our own that I can share with my kids someday.

When we got back to the cabin we had lunch and spent the afternoon chasing the kids around and visiting out on the lawn.

Ryan and Megan showed up Saturday night just in time for Dinner..

Sunday was full of memories that I will cherish forever.
Cooking breakfast with my Dad
Going down the zip line with the kids

Kian so excited about the frog he caught

A long fourwheeler ride to Mt. Dutton stopping for pictures and tree carvings.

...and many more..