Monday, September 1, 2008


When I'm at home I have the hardest time spending quality time with my husband and kids. The laundry, dishes, work and everything else consumes most of my day and then I feel bad that I didn't sit down and spend time with them.

This weekend I didn't have to feel bad.

We decided to go to the Antimony Cabin for Labor Day weekend and I went with full intentions to make the best of every day...

...and I did!

Friday night we slept in a tent on the lawn..

Saturday morning Jason took Hunter and Kian fishing and I took Hudson with my dad, mom, Nick and Diane to Fish Lake. We rented a boat and rode around. It is so Beautiful there. My dad shared memories that he had of my Grandpa Bob at this lake and we made our own that I can share with my kids someday.

When we got back to the cabin we had lunch and spent the afternoon chasing the kids around and visiting out on the lawn.

Ryan and Megan showed up Saturday night just in time for Dinner..

Sunday was full of memories that I will cherish forever.
Cooking breakfast with my Dad
Going down the zip line with the kids

Kian so excited about the frog he caught

A long fourwheeler ride to Mt. Dutton stopping for pictures and tree carvings.

...and many more..


Kellie Larsen said...

these are sooo cute! looks liek you had a really good time!

Megan Andersen said...

We really need to do that more often--I forget how much I love being at that cabin. You got some great pictures too! Love the ones of little Hudson sticking out his tongue...just thinking of him right now makes me want to schmooch his cheekies!! I love your kids so much--I love what great little buddies Kian & Ava are becoming (seeing that life long bond that they are already creating). I loved riding with Hunter on the 4-wheeler. Talking about teenage mutant ninja turtles, he was impressed that his aunt knew all of the names & the weapons they fight with. Anyway, let's do it again soon!!!

Shane and Kendra said...

Your pictures are so cute! It looks like a great way to spend the weekend! It's always nice to focus on "Family Time"!

Tara said...

Your family is beautiful. You look so happy Ashley. Cherish the boys. Before to long they're telling you that the cute shirt you bought them for school makes them look like a nerd and all they needed to complete the outfit was a pocket protector. Bailey shared this with me today. He's 10.